Spring Service Project 1

Dylan Yang, Maggie Dong, Elizabeth Lee, Ishaani Dayal

Digital Privacy

March 7, 2021 

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March 7, 2021 @ 2pm

Learn how to take control of your online footprint! We'll have guest speakers who are experts in the fields of digital security and privacy, who will be taking any questions that you might have in addition to sharing their own expertise – as well as interactive activities for you to participate in!

Sign up today at bit.ly/dataprivacyreg.

Consumers in California benefit from some of the strongest privacy laws in the nation, but many of them remain unaware of the digital rights they already hold. Our project seeks to raise awareness among everyday consumers about these rights and empower them to exercise those rights, in particular by promoting conversations between parents and students.

Now more than ever, technology and the internet is a critical part of our daily lives. However, there can often be a lack of awareness about things like keeping your information safe especially on social media, even among people who may be considered tech-literate.

We plan to spread awareness of digital privacy on social media by making multiple infographics that detail the threats to consumer data, legislative measures to protect data privacy, and how to properly protect our data.


We are also going to host an online event on March 7, where guest speakers will provide comprehensive information to our audience about how important digital privacy is and what steps consumers can take to protect themselves.

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