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YAPA's Mission is to educate, engage and empower our youth by studying and advocating local policy issues so that they become independent thinkers and lifelong civic leaders who will proactively contribute to their community.  As policymakers, YAPA students embrace diverse cultures and diverse points of view and look deeper into conflicting views to have a full picture of an issue.

YAPA provides different programs year-round which are planned and coordinated by student leaders under the supervision and mentorship of our advisors.


  • Winter Leadership Camp: Training of Officers for the coming year and electing/ appointing new leaders. Plan for next year's new projects

  • Community Service Projects: 2021 topics including Digital Privacy, Juvenile Justice, Ethical/Sustainable Consumption, YAPA Let’s Talk (to bridge the divide)​

  • Summer Civic Camps for Middle and High School students with hands-on community projects that are designed and led by youth leaders

  • ​Advocacy Study Groups: Small groups focused on a chosen topic with guidance from enthusiastic and experienced mentors.

  • Youth In Action Conference: Opportunity for each group and team to present the work and projects.

Below is the introduction of the 2021 Student leadership team and programs/projects conducted by the 2021 Team.

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