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Dylan Yang

Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 3.35.40 PM.png

12 th Grade 

Monta Vista High School

Joined 2020 Fall Cohort

What is your favorite thing about advocacy? 

I have to say my favorite thing about advocacy is collaboration. There's something special about working together with other students to push for meaningful change in our communities. Although learning about politics or government is powerful, even more, powerful is seeing a group of students work to navigate their ideas and policy proposals through that system to turn them into reality.

What have you learned from YAPA?

YAPA has taught me to advocate — not just for policies I support, but also for myself. In YAPA, I've learned it never hurts to reach out to someone, that even a small group of people can have a much larger impact than they expected, and most importantly has taught me how to push for the changes I want to see.

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