Spring Service Project 3

Alyssa Yao, Anita Chamraj, Audrey Sun, Olivia Song

Ethical/Sustainable Consumption

April 10-11, 2021 

You are entering the Challenge Week!

This event already happened! View the webinar video below.


We created this challenge so others could have an opportunity to practice what was discussed and shared during the webinar series. 

The more missions you complete, the more entries you'll have in the raffle for the prizes.

Prize: 2x $75 EarthHero Gift Cards



1. There are a total of 14 sustainability missions that can be completed

The complete list of challenges can be viewed here.

2. The Challenge Log must be filled out with a description of what you did for each accomplished mission (and preferably with pictures!

The Challenge Log (you'll have to make a copy of this file) can be viewed here.


3. Upload your Challenge Log by filling out this google form by Sunday, April 18th 11:59 PM PT 

If you have questions about the challenge, email yapaofficers@gmail.com . Good luck!

Day 1 Documentary Screening:

Saturday 4/10 (4 - 7 pm PT)

Day 2 Speaker Series:

Sunday 4/11 (4 - 6 pm PT)

This 2-day symposium was inspired by the intent to bring awareness to the detrimental impacts on the environment and countless victims of animal exploitation as well as unethical & unsustainable working practices.

The members of this group recognized the injustices surrounding this everyday exploitation and aspire to shed light on this issue. It is imperative to make ethical choices in the present to ensure a safer environment for sentient beings.


1:02 - Intro to YAPA
3:45 - Intro to Ethical and Sustainable Consumption
5:05 - Dr. Aimee Bailey - Sustainable Energy Consumption

43:00 - Isabelle Cnudde -

The impact of animal agriculture
1:17:57 - Sustainable Living Challenge Details

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