Spring Service Project 2

Olivia Song, Maggie Dong

Juvenile Justice

April 18, 2021

12pm-1pm PST

The idea behind this project is to bring awareness on the topic of juvenile justice and help educate the youth and parents on what to expect, look out for, and how to take action.

The webinar is slated to occur on April 18, 2021 via Zoom. The project members will promote on social media the event speakers and other information.


The webinar will begin with a short panelist introduction followed by a Q&A session with speakers from the audience. After the Q&A session, the members of the group will end the webinar off with a challenge for the audience, an optional reflection of the webinar, as well as a list of resources of programs for Juvenile Justice that will be emailed to the attendees after the event. This webinar will take around 1 hour and will consist of 3 speakers, a reasonably sized audience, as well as the 2 members of this group. This group hopes to help inform attendees about issues of student behaviors.

The members of this group chose this project because they think that this project will help others gain more knowledge about the topic of students doing illegal activities. It is crucial to inform adults and young individuals alike about the issue of the youth acting illegally in order to help the youth live a better and safer life.

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