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Director of Marketing & Pr

Olivia Song

YAPA Olivia.png

12th Grade 

Moreau Catholic High School

Joined 2019 Fall Cohort

What is your favorite thing about advocacy? 

The world is a corrupt place. Nothing is perfect here on Earth. Adults don't care about many things that heavily affect everyone around them. It's only up to our generation and beyond to change that. We, as Gen Z, need to step up and make a change. We need to advocate for what is right and present to others what needs to be changed. If adults cannot do it, our generation needs to do it. We are the younger generation born into a world that needs saving, not only from bad guys, but also from the wrong laws and policies being passed, the wrong leaders being elected. We need to help make Earth, our home, a better place to live and to be happy. With policies that may take advantage of us, it can corrupt the world and only leave us to rot in it. As one of YAPA's first members, I believe that our generation CAN make a change and by learning how to implement, alter, add, change, remove policies, we are one step closer to making Earth a feasible place to live in. I really enjoy the thought of the future generations living in a little to no corruption on Earth, and I will do any good advocacy to make that happen. Working with others as well as learning from others is what I do best at. 

What have you learned from YAPA?

YAPA really is an amazing organization. Not only have I learned about how to write a cold email, I also learned about public speaking, policies I didn't know about before, and even making new friends and working with them as a team. YAPA has taught me many things, from teamwork, to skills that are essential to life, especially for my generation. I hope to learn even more policies as well as strengthen my skills as a leader and as an advocate.

Any other comments you’d like to share?

I just wanted to emphasize how amazing YAPA is. Really. I learned so much, made so many new friends, and got to participate in a lot of advocacy work. The study groups provided each year is absolutely amazing, ranging from mental health to covid 19 education. I am so excited for this year's study group topics because I know that I will absolutely have a very hard time choosing them because they are all so interesting! The mentors for each group are just as awesome as the student liaisons leading the groups. The speakers in each group that are invited within the 10 weeks are also all very professional and trustworthy as well as entertaining. 

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