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Sunjay Muralitharan

YAPA Sunjay.png

What is your favorite thing about advocacy? 

Jean Hill, the elderly advocate who in 2013 made Concord, MA the first US city to ban the sale of Polyethylene plastic bottles, embodies my favorite aspect of advocacy. She spent a grueling 3 years turning her policy into a reality and started the campaign all by herself. Her work proves that it is possible for one advocate to turn their vision for society into a reality. This possibility is my favorite aspect of advocacy.

What have you learned from YAPA?

I have learned that rallying a large number of people around a policy proposal (in a form of a petition) can greatly boost your credibility. I also learned that an advocate must constantly pressure politicians to take action if they want to accomplish their goal.

12 th Grade 

Washington High School

Joined 2020 Fall Cohort

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