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Spring Service Project 4

Sunjay Murali, Esther Luan, Dylan Yang

YAPA Let's Talk

7/1, 4:00-6:00pm PDT

Congratulations to YALT for winning 3rd at CLA Project of the Year Award! Watch the presentation here:

The idea behind YALT is to create a platform for people with opposing political viewpoints to have a constructive discussion in our conversational format. We plan to host quarterly webinar sessions about the importance of different perspectives in which participants will be able to talk to people with different stances on relevant issues.

Group Discussion

In society today, we too often see people with certain viewpoints or perspectives solely interacting with people who share them. This phenomenon has been made even more common by the algorithmic nature of today’s social media, which really only shows you more of what you want to see. This is a big impediment to productive political discourse, as well as decision and policy-making, which requires compromise and mutual understanding. Our goal is to encourage individuals who are politically inclined to stay open-minded and receptive to opposing or new ideas!

In each event, we will focus on a different polarizing issue and invite experts from both sides to explain their viewpoints. Then we will break into discussion groups, each populated by people with opposing views, and have a moderated and civil discussion about our views. We hope you will join us in our goal to bridge the divide in our nation – one conversation at a time.

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