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YAPA Juvenile Justice Event Recap

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In our Risky Business webinar, we discussed the juvenile justice system from the point of view of a detective and a senior attorney.

Nadia Mozaffar, the senior attorney, discussed the advancing educational rights and opportunities for children in the juvenile justice and child welfare systems, economic justice issues, and protecting the rights of young people in the adult justice system.

Detective Richard Wistocki, law enforcement officer for 30 years and 28 years with the Naperville's Police Department, discussed his extensive experience with youth in the juvenile justice system, and the importance of school resource officers. As each speaker wrapped up their presentation, a Q&A segment was given for public questions.

To watch the recording of our webinar, visit

We also hosted the 1-Week Challenge, which is a challenge that lets you become closer with your friends and family and learn more about the Juvenile Justice System. There are many activities such as researching court cases and reflecting on them, spending time with your friends and family, and volunteering events! These activities all help out with your daily life and can help you strengthen relationships with those around you as well understand more about the Juvenile Justice System.

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