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YAPA Spill the Beans! Webinar Recap

To view the video for this webinar, visit our website at

Over the weekend of 4/10/21-4/11/21, YAPA hosted its Spill the Beans! Webinar, a two-day webinar hosted by the ethical/sustainable community project group. The project was headed by YAPA members Alyssa Yao and Anita Chamraj, with contributions from Audrey Sun and Olivia Song. The concept for the webinar was conceived at YAPA’s winter camp, as the group brainstormed ways to bring awareness of unsustainable and unethical practices and advocate for community change.

On April 10, the event showcased Earthlings, an American documentary exposing the various industries dependent on animal exploitation. If you would like to share or rewatch the documentary, here is the link to Earthlings (available to the public for free):

A very special thanks to the speakers Dr. Aimee Bailey of SVCE and Isabelle Cnudde of Clorofil for their amazing presentations on April 11.

Aimee brilliantly talked about clean energy in relation to common appliances and vehicles and what we can do to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. Make sure to check out SVCE’s DIY Toolkit if you are interested in learning more about how to eliminate energy waste at

Isabelle presented on animal agriculture as well as her work as an animal activist and humane educator. She was kind of enough to put together some actions that we can all take to live more ethically, including daily habits, documentaries, methods to promote the message of kindness towards animals, and volunteer organizations you can support. Check it out here.

Both speakers held a Q&A section To hear the speakers’ responses, feel free to view the webinar video on our community project page here.

Written by Alyssa Yao and Anita Chamraj

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